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You are here: Home / ABOUT THE DISTRICT / District Goals

District Goals

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EISD 2016-17 District Goals & Initiatives

District Goals

District Goal 1: Guaranteed Viable Curriculum
All students achieving higher levels of performance in a safe, supportive and technologically-rich environment through a guaranteed viable curriculum delivered through best instructional practices including strategic assessment.

District Goal 2: Student-Centered Learning Environment / SEL    
Support structures and practices will be selected and implemented to provide a student centered learning environment and better meet the social emotional learning needs of all students.

District Goal 3:  Teacher Effectiveness/Growth    
The district will provide effective processes and systems that support the growth of teachers and improve student performance.

District Goal 4:  Financial /Budget
Effective processes and systems that support the District’s mission through innovative and efficient use of resources and assets.

District Goal 5:  Community Engagement
Active engagement of the community through increased, personalized and targeted communication strategies that inform and involve stakeholders.

District Initiatives

District Initiative 1:  Operational     
Develop a 5-year Enrollment and Facilities Plan to optimize District facilities to support teaching and learning.

District Initiative 2:  Operational    
Explore and analyze district-wide fundraising programs, organizational fundraising and school-based fundraising.

District Initiative 3: Innovation
Explore and determine the feasibility of adding innovative instructional programs.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 2/23/16