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You are here: Home / ABOUT THE DISTRICT / Strategic Plan

2010-15 Strategic Plan


The Eanes community is vitally committed to educational excellence that prepares and inspires all students for life-long success by engaging each student in rigorous academic experiences and enriching opportunities.


We believe that...

  • Individuals have equal intrinsic value.
  • Each person is unique, possessing diverse abilities and talents.
  • Each person has the potential to be successful.
  • Each person is responsible for his or her choices, decisions, and actions.
  • Individuals need a safe, secure and supportive environment to be productive, creative, and successful.
  • The home is the primary influence in the development of the individual and an integral partner in public education.
  • High expectations and hard work, guided by a positive vision, are essential to individual success.
  • The pursuit of excellence requires substantial community effort, investment, and a willingness to improve.


  • Educational excellence is our first priority.
  • We treat each other with honesty and respect.
  • We require individual and organizational responsibility and accountability.
  • We require excellence in all aspects of the district.
  • We promote a culture of creativity and collaboration that leads to continuous improvement.


  • Each student will be prepared for advanced learning opportunities and careers by completing a personally challenging academic program.
  • Each student will engage in integrative thinking and creative, collaborative problem solving.
  • Each student will process and evaluate information, and communicate effectively.
  • Each student will be an involved contributing member of the school and global community, while respecting others and self.
  • Each student will be prepared to accomplish goals, adapt to change and be resilient to challenges.


  1. We will ensure effective, engaging, and enriching instruction and experiences for each student in a safe, supportive environment.
  2. We will encourage students to explore, identify and develop their strengths and passions.
  3. We will prepare students for responsible citizenship in a global society.
  4. We will promote and support a robust digital-age learning environment to inspire student learning and creativity.
  5. We will provide time and support for relevant and innovative professional learning to ensure ongoing improvements in teaching and student learning.
  6. We will actively engage the Eanes community to strengthen partnerships that support the evolving needs of students and the district.
  7. We will prioritize our needs to accomplish the district’s mission using resources effectively and efficiently.