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Eanes After School Youth (EASY) Care Registration


Registration is  full for the  2016-17 academic year.

Please add your name and contact information to the online waiting list, and we will contact you if a spot becomes available in the future. Please note all six EASY Care sites are full time 5-day care, we do not offer part time.  Thank you for your interest in the EASY Care Program.


Click here:WAIT LIST  for 2016-2017 



Children With Special Needs

EASY Care may not be appropriate for some children.*

In an effort to ensure EASY Care is a safe and appropriate choice, parents and guardians are required to inform the EASY Care Program in writing, prior to the child’s participation in the program, of any special circumstances which may affect the child’s ability to participate fully and within the guidelines of acceptable and safe behavior.

This includes, but is not limited, to any serious behavior problems, or special circumstances regarding psychological, cognitive, medical, or physical conditions and/or limitations. Upon being informed of these circumstances, the EASY Care Coordinator will require a parent conference to discuss the issues created by these circumstances and will determine if this program is appropriate for your child.

Specific expectations include:

  • All EASY Care students must have reasonable independence and self direction. Please note that we do not offer one-on-one supervision of a single child.
  • All EASY Care students must have reasonable communication skills. Students must be able to follow directions.
  • All EASY Care students must be independently toilet trained. No pull-ups or diapers are allowed.

    *The setting is different from the school day. Students are in multiple age/grade level groups. It is more active and sometimes louder than the school environment. We are not able to meet the needs of children who require individual care or individual attention.

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