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You are here: Home / DEPARTMENTS / Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Todd Washburn
Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and AssessmentGirls at laptop

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The Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Priorities are:

I.  Curriculum

     a. Continue development of a cohesive, articulated scope and sequence 12-K in each core area that provides clear learning targets

     b. Provide time, structure, and guidance to collaboratively:

          i. Analyze and refine the scope and sequence into scaffolded, learner-friendly progressions

         ii.Develop curriculum units including formative assessment strategies and common assessments

     c. Support the transition to the STAAR and End of Course exams

II.  Assessment

     a. Provide professional learning for teachers and administrators to use                  assessment as a tool to:

          i. Inform instructional decisions

         ii.Engage students in their own learning

      b. Provide time, structure, and guidance to collaboratively analyze                         assessment results to improve instruction

      c. Implement grading practices that are aligned with learning targets and motivate student effort

III. Instruction

     a. Monitor the implementation of Professional Learning Plans using the EISD Professional Learning Framework

          i. Provide professional learning opportunities to help teachers                               differentiate instruction, including the use of relevant and reasonable homework, to support student interests and strengths

         ii. Provide time, structure, and guidance to collaboratively share                              instructional strategies and ensure consistency of curriculum                              implementation

     b. Support the implementation of the Strategic Instructional Model at HCMS

     c. Support the use of Professional Learning Communities to improve                      instructional and assessment strategies

     d. Provide students with ongoing opportunities to collaborate globally

     e. Promote and support the infusion of technology into teaching and                      learning:

          i. Provide resources and support for professional learning

         ii. Model and support the use of digital tools, including student-owned devices, for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity

        iii. Implement and support the use of iPads at Westlake High School

        iv. Leverage "Cloud-based resources" such as Google Applications, to                    promote teaching and learning