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Gifted and Talented

creativityThe Eanes Independent School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes the special value, needs, and talents of the individual student. Gifted students need a qualitatively differentiated program that provides time for academic work with other gifted students and time for work on creative self-directed projects. EISD provides appropriate educational services for identified gifted and talented students as part of its overall K-12 program.

The gifted program incorporates core content areas of science, social studies, math, and language arts in the elementary and middle school pullout programs.  In high school, students are provided with multiple ways to connect with GT opportunities through academics (Pre-AP and AP courses), Fine Arts, Engineering, Independent Study Mentorship Program, Robotics, and other programs.

The GT program provides a rich curriculum, which develops and reinforces skills in critical and creative thinking, logic and problem solving, divergent thinking, research, and communication.

The focus of the GT Program is to serve students who have instructional needs due to exceptional potential in both intellectual and creative abilities.  Because each district has different qualification guidelines, children, including students new to the district, will need to be assessed in order to be recommended for the Eanes ISD Gifted Program.

Students in all grades are assessed through a formal process, during the fall semester.  A referral may be initiated by parents, school staff or the student.  Four or Five measures are used:

  • ability test
  • analytical test (K-1 students only)
  • portfolio of student work (varies by grade level)
  • SIGS form completed by teacher
  • SIGS form completed by parent

A Campus GT Instructional Needs Committee meets to review all of the data and determine services.

GT Contact by Campus


Assessment Timeline for 2016-17 School Year

September 30, 2016Consent forms available online (Links to forms will be available below)
October 24, 5:00pm     
Consent for Assessment Form Due by 5:00PM
October 26 - Dec 16  
Assessment Window
December 16Notification letters mailed home
January 3-17, 2017Parent Conference Opportunities
January 17, 4:00pm
Appeals due to Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction office
(601 Camp Craft Road, Austin, TX 78746)
February 6
Final Appeals Committee decisions sent out by US mail