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You are here: Home / DEPARTMENTS / Transportation / Bus Discipline Procedures

Bus Discipline Procedures

How to Use the Student Verbal/Written Warning Log & Students Behavior Report

Purpose: To have uniform, clearly defined, and simplified expectations, rules, and implementation procedures for students and drivers while riding or driving school buses.

Student Verbal/Written Warning Log and Student Behavior Report as Used by the Bus Driver:

When a student violates any of the Bus Rules for the first time, the driver will give a verbal warning first and show the student that you are recording in your Student Verbal/Written Warning Log. No further action is necessary at this time unless the offense is major.

  1. Record the date, and circle AM or PM;
  2. Print legibly the students name;
  3. Indicate the rule violated under "Regarding"


When the same student violates the same rule a second time:
  1. Using the Student Verbal/Written Warning Log, complete the three steps above in the presence of the student.
  2. Complete a Student Behavior Report filling in all blanks that apply;
  3. Form is to be signed by Driver and Student and then sent home with student for Parent/Guardian signature. Fill in the date you want the form returned by. Also note on your Warning Log the date you completed the form and gave to student. Indicate date returned in Warning Log when the student returns the form. If student fails to return the Student Behavior Report, remind him/her that you will write up a Referral if they do not return the form to you;
  4. Turn in completed Student Behavior Report to Transportation Secretary.

When a student continues to violate one or more rules on the bus, complete a 4-part Referral Form and turn in to Transportation Secretary.

The above procedures are intended to address rule violations early with mild disciplinary actions first. It is our hope that by starting with verbal warnings, then progressing to written warning that involve parents we will not have to complete as many Referrals.

Student Behavior Report
Student Verbal/Written Warning Log

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