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You are here: Home / DEPARTMENTS / Transportation / FAQ


Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The bus didn't show up on time for my child. How long should she wait at the stop?
  2. How will I know if the bus will operate in inclement weather?
  3. My child's bus is overcrowded. Can some children be placed on another bus?
  4. We live very far from the school and there is no bus stop near for my child. How do I arrange transportation?
  5. I drove the shortest distance from my house to the school in my car and I live right at two miles from the school. Is my child eligible to ride the bus?
  6. I believe the walking route for my child is not safe. To whom should I speak about that?
  7. I can't see my child's bus stop from my house. How can I get the bus stop moved closer?
  8. My child goes to a daycare provider in an area with bus service. May my child ride the bus?
  9. My child is a special needs student. To whom should I speak concerning his transportation?
  10. My child left a coat (glasses, musical instrument, retainer, books) on the bus. How does he/she get it back?
  11. Why are buses sometimes late?
  12. Why can't all high schools, middle schools and elementary schools start at the same time for each group?
  13. How can I arrange to have my child ride a different bus to a friend’s home after school for one day?
  14. What types of school buses are owned and operated by the District?
  15. Why are school bus seats spaced so closely together?
  16. Why aren't seat belts required in school buses?
  17. Why are 39" seats in school buses rated for three children when at times they only will accommodate two?
  18. Do state regulations for school buses supersede federal requirements?
  19. I would like my child's extracurricular group (Girl Scouts, birthday party attendees) to ride the bus home. How do I arrange this?