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You are here: Home / Students and Parents / Online Student Directory
You are here: Home / Students and Parents / Online Student Directory

Online Student Directory

Login to Family Access to use the directory and to control what information other logged in users see. Parents must OPT-IN to be listed. Only people who have currently enrolled children in Eanes ISD will have access to this directory.

The inclusion of a family’s information is fed by the “Local” option on the Release of Student Information section of Student Information Verification: In order for a family’s information to be included in the online directory, parents must make sure to:

  1. Click the “Yes” option for Local in the Student Information Verification process (see Step 1 in this document) AND
  2. Once logged into Family Access, click the 'My Account' link on the top of the page.  Scroll down to the School Directory section and check the “Add Family with [your child's name] to the School Directory” box and choose how you want your information to display.  At any time, a parent can login to Family Access and add or remove or edit what information is viewable in the directory.

If you did not select the “Local” option during the  student information verification process (completed before school starts in August), your child will not show in the online directory regardless of your directory display options. You must contact your child's school to get that setting changed. Family Access Contacts

Only those participating will have data available to view: Parents will only see what others have decided to set for view in the system. If while viewing the school directory information you do not see a guardian or student you know is in your child’s class it is because they chose to keep their information from being displayed.

Directory Display Options

Parents/guardians can control whether or not their child is displayed in the directory and what information is/is not displayed.

Parents can click on the My Account link in Family Access, and choose what information they want to share in the online directory. These settings may be changed at any time.



Filter Options

While viewing the School Directory you can click the drop down boxes to select the following filters for your view: