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You are here: Home / Task Force / Digital Learning Task Force

Digital Learning Task Force

Eanes App Store Provides Control Over Distractions

March 30, 2016

As announced in early March, the District will implement an Eanes App Store for the 2016-17 school year, providing more control and consistency across all campuses.

Feedback at the Digital Learning Task Force focus groups, symposia and surveys stated that non-instructional apps were a distraction when it came to learning. While usage has been somewhat restrictive over the years, the District will now have the ability to completely remove Apple's App Store from its devices. Students will only have access to apps that are included in the Self-Service app, which will act as an "Eanes App Store". 

By doing this, the District also addresses the concern that too many apps were being used throughout the district. The App Store will better align both horizontally and vertically the apps that are provided to students district-wide.

Teachers and students will still have the ability to request apps which can be added to the Eanes App Store.

As the new devices are rolled out for the 2016-17 school year, more information will be available.


Miss a Symposium?

Symposium Recap

Event recordings, opportunities for input and more.


Committee Members

Jay Kamm - BCE
Bill Rehm - VVE
Jana McKelvy - FTE, WRMS, WHS
Sam Goodwin - BPE, HCMS
Ed Valdez - Community Member

Teachers & District Staff
Teresa Bowerman - WRMS
Anne Buchta - Special Education
Carolyn Foote - Librarian
Nadine Herbst - WHS
Carl Hooker - Administrator
Cara Beth McLeod - CCE
Kacy Mitchell - Ed Tech
Ryan Petru - Administrator
Maci Shannon - EE
Bryan Shippey - Principal
Dawn Skonieczny - BCE
Debbie Smith - Ed Tech
Pam Watson - HCMS
Tim Yenca - Administrator

Abby A., Allesandra K., Andy K.

Board Approves Rec For Student Mobile Devices

The Eanes ISD Board approved the Digital Learning Task Force recommendation to upgrade to an iPad Air 2 for the Student Mobile Device Initiative. More than 600 hours of meetings, symposiums, site visits, focus groups and presentations along with 6,000 survey responses, culminated in the recommendation and then the Board's vote. Thank you to all who participated in this very important process! ‪


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January Update

After numerous meetings and opportunities for input, the Digital Learning Task Force presented a status update at the January 12 Eanes ISD Board Study Session. The presentation included a summary on survey results, findings and initial recommendations.

Click HERE for presentation
Click HERE for links to support documentation

Opportunities for Input

The district is providing the following ways to keep all parents and community members engaged and providing feedback throughout this process:

  1. Visit the Symposium Recap
    Event recordings, interactive walls and other materials discussed during the symposiums will be posted here: Symposium Recap

  2. Interactive Walls
    Quick and easy way for you to share your views on the questions asked:

  3. Join the Online Google Community
    Join the discussion online. Videos from the symposiums will be posted here as well. The Google community is located here:

  4. Follow along online
    The district will be posting to the #EanesDLTF hashtag on Twitter and Instagram


About the Digital Learning Task Force

The Digital Learning Task Force brings a mix of teachers, parents, community members, students, and administrators to discuss a broad spectrum of beliefs on technology use in schools.

The Task Force is expected to meet five times in the Fall, and have a duration of two-to-three months. The Digital Learning Task Force and accompanying symposiums will provide many opportunities for feedback from staff, students and community members and will be vital in providing guidance for the next steps of the student mobile device initiative.

The purpose of the Digital Learning Task Force is to:

  • Research latest technology trends and current integration models of technology and learning
  • Learn from industry experts and our own staff and students to address future needs when it comes to digital learning
  • Discuss next steps for our 1:1 initiative
  • Research expectations and goals for professional development and standardization of digital learning platforms